About pocpacs

pOcpacs are the brainchild of two mountain-biking brothers, originating from South Africa, and have been available in the UK since 2012. Over 100,000 pOcpacs have been bought by cyclists up and down the country, and we have launched the third generation of products that incorporates the feedback of cyclists and stockists alike.

The latest generation of products features an expanded range of iPacs that are perfect for storing your smartphone and valuables when out in the sun, rain and snow. The new touchscreen enables uninterrupted operation and the smart window allows you to use the camera on your phone too. The new robust materials and easy-grip zip make the iPac a perfect companion and ensure your phone gets home  and dry every time.

pOcpacs are manufactured from recyclable material which has memory and elasticity, meaning the cases become more compact when filled. pOcpac cases fit the majority of cycling jersey pockets, and over time become softer and easier to insert and remove your vital personal and cycling items. It’s the iPac which is most revolutionary case within the range – now available in three sizes and a host of designs – you can keep your iPhone, Galaxy or other smartphone safe and dry inside, and still be able to use it. The super-sized Utility iPac will carry the large iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note phone, and your travel documents together, offering the same functionality.

What’s not to like? Functional, stylish and affordable phone cases that provide the ideal insurance policy against getting your smartphone and valuables wet.

Take a look at the new range in our shop.