How to use an iPhone 7 in a pOcpac case

The Guardian were one of the first news sources to report the fact that The iPhone 7’s new solid-state home “button” does not work without skin contact back in September. This renders the phone unaccessible when placed inside a sports armband, a waterproof case or when the user is wearing touchscreen gloves. This includes pOcpacs unfortunately.

The new home button, which is pressure sensitive and does not move, is an essential part of the the new iPhone. A change made for iOS 10 means that you cannot move past the lockscreen without activating the home button, even if you are attempting to enter a pin code to unlock the device.

So what do you do? As with most things there is a work-around and we have found one by scouring the Apple support forums. Not that Apple has been much use but the swathes of irate runners who have been unable to use their sweat-proof armbands have come to the rescue.

You need to create a floating or “virtual” home button the functionality for which has been created for those needing extra assistance. Hence its name Assistive Touch. Turn on Assistive Touch (iPhone settings/general/accessibility). When you turn this feature on it creates a floating home button on your screen. You can use the assistive touch feature to virtually press the home button. If your phone is locked, you can use the lock button on the side of your phone through the pOcpac case to wake the screen, then use the floating assistive touch button to virtually press the home button, which will then bring up the passcode screen. Enter your code and then you can use the touchscreen as normal.

We hope that helps you work around this niggling issue.





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