Product Range


The pOcpac UK product range contains iPacs to keep your smartphone dry; Tool and Sportive Pacs to keep your valuables safe, when out and about on two wheels.

Any Road Range_500The Smartphone pOcpac Range

The new iPac waterproof phone cases, are pOcpac’s smallest cases that allow you to keep your phone dry but still usable in the dampest of conditions.

With your smartphone inside an iPac waterproof case, the touchscreen enables uninterrupted operation and the smart window allows you to use the camera on your phone. The new robust materials used to construct the 3rd generation iPacs make them perfect companions, and ensure your smartphone gets home & dry.

The latest pOcpac iPacs comes in three sizes – iPac 3 for iPhone SE; iPac 3X for the iPhone 6, 7 and 8; Utility iPac for iPhone 6, 7 and 8 Plus and Samsung Note phones. The newest 3X17s will also fit the iPhone X. Just check the product pages to guarantee you get the right iPac.







The Cycling pOcpac Range

The Tool Pouch, is pOcpac’s latest weatherproof cycling case to keep your valuables safe on the road, and is available in two sizes for on or off-road.

It ensures that you are not overloaded with any unnecessary items, just those that you need in case of an emergency or road-side repair, whilst competing, training or just having fun.

The new Tool Pouches are a significant upgrade on previous generation Cycling Pacs with some clever design features and more robust materials, including the secure metallic zip lock system and ’round-edge-seal’ system  allowing for easier, more secure packaging of your vital cycling and personal items.

The front panel is frosted and includes internally-printed silk-screened symbols as a guide for the storage of your vital cycling items. Silver design for road and red for off-road.