Utility 2 Contour


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Whether it’s the dizzy heights of the French Alps or the UKs very own rolling climbs, we all know riding your bike up hill sometimes can’t be avoided! The U2 Contour is designed with those climbs in mind.

Designed with larger phones in mind, the Utility 2 is pOcpac’s largest weatherproof sports and lifestyle specific case that allows you to keep your phone dry, but still usable in the dampest of conditions. The new super-sized Utility iPac has significantly upgraded materials and construction. The new touchscreen enables uninterrupted operation and the smart window allows you to use the camera on your phone.

With your smartphone in the pOcpac weatherproof case, you are able to navigate the touchscreen, and the control interfaces of your smartphone. You can even make and take calls, or take a photo with your phone whilst inside this clever case too

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Weight 34 g
Dimensions 101 × 182 mm


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